Weekenders - Handyman Sevices

Welcome to Weekenders! Your one stop, to cater for all your household needs.

Weekenders offers you a variety of services for household maintenance and renovations. No job is too small or too big. Weekenders is a private, intimate company. All the jobs that are done, are done by the owners themselves and if needed workers will be brought in, but supervision will always be on site.

Each and every one of our clients are treated as if they are a friend, and every job done is done to perfection.

Even though Weekenders is a small company, we have a wide range of services that can suit your needs in maintaining your home. Weekenders services include carpentry and woodwork, electrical and electric installations, plumbing, painting, computer maintenance and repairs and renovations.

For any queries you can contact Weekenders by filling in a contact form or alternatively you can contact us via email or phone on the following details.

Email: dale@weekenders.co.za Phone: 076 778 1880