About Us

Weekenders is a company that started in 1996 by my father, it was a small company that started with carpentry and any type of small jobs, its motto was "No Job Is To Small' and this is a motto we stand by today, with the insurance of our quality workmanship.

Weekenders has grown alot since 1996 by offering a wider range of services to our customers and plan on growing more to insure our customers the quality they have always recieved and making life easer by coming to one company for all their needs..

I decided to join Weekenders in 2008, to help the company expand with new sevices like: Painting homes, caperntry, DSTV,TV and 5.1 surround instalations, Small renavations, Plumbing services, Electrical services, House hold maintanence, Car stereo instalation and many more.

Weekenders has been arround for over 15 year and proves their loyalty to their customers over and over again, garenting you 100% quality on any job we take on.